Week(s) through Instagram 14

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                                                                                                ph. via instagram.com/vanjaam

Mondays are made for collages. Little snaps from my everyday life.
So let's start.
1. collage -organic jams as souvenirs from Greece; home made French toast; Estée Lauder Envy lipstick, shade: Dominant; home made donuts by my mom; favorite scent for the summer Korres Santorini vine; floods help, sms 1003
2. photo - home made American pancakes with ice cream and strawberries
3. photo - sporty Sunday with Adidas boost sneakers and shorts from Originals collection
4. photo - new Adidas sneakers, Basket profi Eagle model
5. collage - Belgrade; strawberries and cheese; look of the day; look of the day 2; Caprese salad; island vibes in Belgrade Corso/Korzo
6. photo - one of my favorite places in Belgrade
7. photo - ice cream with almonds and strawberries
8. photo - gifts from Serbian cosmetic brand Aura
9. collage - morning coffee; Pane e Vino lunch (didn't like my pasta at all); yummy mascarpone cream with raspberries and peaches at Radost restaurant; probably the best pizza in Belgrade, at Radost restaurant; photo made on Easter; gorgeous INES atelier jewelry
10. photo - shopping list and some magnets on the fridge
11. photo - grocery shopping bag
12. photo -one of my favorite fruit cakes, the easiest to make
13. photo - bed reading, Bridget Jones " Mad about the boy" . If you loved the previous books, you will adore this one, it's hilarious.