Weekend in Belgrade

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What to do when you need to get rest from a busy and hectic working days during the week and you don't have time to travel? Well, book a room in your own city! Simple as that!
Couple weeks ago Jelena and I got the chance to spent a weekend in the new renovated room (King category) at Hyatt Regency Belgrade.
Warm welcome (with yummy pastries, fruits and cold Prosecco) was a perfect way to start the day. Afternoon at the spa center, room service instead of a regular way to have a dinner and drinks at The Bar (cool hotel bar) were more than enough to recharge our batteries. And after that we have enough strength to have one more drink (or two, no one counts) at Ludost bar, and later at one of our favorite summer places Lasta.
So if you wanna have a romantic, relaxed, solo or weekend with your girls and be spoiled like on a real vacation, you can book this getaway for yourself too at the special price (check here) and get your own city break!
If you are not from Belgrade, here are some best guides for drink&eat, be sure to check them all:
1. Beton Hall
2. Dobracina
3. New spots
4. Coffee
5. Summer places 
6. Gardens

Have fun, it's Friday!